The system can transform business manager’s request with customizable structure. SENTEZLIVE is a flexible platform to definable user interfaces, business rules, reports and forms. It has the entire necessary technologies infrastructure and architecture for completely conformance business’s all the process. SENTEZLIVE is adoptable features according to your business such as edited or added reports & forms and definable data field as to your need, customizable user interfaces with the necessary information.

Parametric Structure

Business rules are defined only as needed. Business solutions materialize flexibility and adaptability through parametric structure. A large number of parameter and face value definitions need for meeting the requirements business processes. SentezLIVE is regulated logical structure a large number of parameters and values of business process. Installation complexity is minimized a solution.

Upgradeable Structure

Business life is continuous variable. Therefore, system requires modernization to new rules and new circumstances. The system must be designed architecture for Business life’s changes and development. Business must come into effect after their decision quickly and accurate. SentezLIVE is solution preparing with this perspective of system architecture.

Mobile Structure

Internet changes completely business model and mobile business life is being here to stay. The system ensures usable regardless of the time & place difference through SentezLIVE works 24/7 service. Business Model provided changing accordingly internet’s become prevalent and cost reduction. Users of business’s sales and marketing, service and distribution access easily system and users can take own assigned tasks. Employees can be active in the field of new business module that can spare more time customers. SentezLIVE allows to reach a solution your employees, your customers or your suppliers from all the over world and every time.

Integrated Structures

SentezLIVE business solutions platform is an integrated platform that contains all the necessary modules for business. Modules of traditional commercial business solutions just to save documents in the system after then, it is based on reporting. Excluded from the scope of traditional commercial practices, Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence modules bought and worked to integrate in the system. Systems consisting of different solutions cannot provide expected performance. SentezLIVE, designed a solution with customer relationship management and business intelligence modules of all business process


R & D activities are approved by TUBITAK. It’s constituted on the Framework 4.0 platform that developed with ASP.NET and C # languages. Architectural design in today’s modern software models adopted as MVP / MVVM is used. As Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle the industry-standard is compatible with relational databases (RDBMS) that performance, data security and integrity were designed by giving particular importance something. Extreme programming methods are applied for ensure the required quality and agility.


Each operation can be made authorization with safety system. The system determines that users make enter from which period of time, computer and IP. You can follow up when users make a transaction, entry and change recording or receive report with LOG system.


Desktop user interface prepared by using the MS Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology. Thanks to compatible of 100% Microsoft.Net script language support; business can determine private rules and transaction. Reports and forms can receive to printer and screen. In addition, you can receive text file as MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe pdf, Open Office. You can receive or archive xml or html formatted that can send electronic mail.


Business Process Management can provide automatically running at a set time or preparation of the output’s desired medium of definition tasks, services, reports or analysis. In line with the company’s operating system is describable necessary control and it’s procurable the stimulation of the desired user. Transactions can provide to realize more speedy, practice, security through user-friendly operation lists. The company is included in the scope of the whole decision-making process with Business Intelligence Module. With anywhere in the world, at any time, any operating system, you can access the online database of your company that can track through accessibility web interface. You can provide issueless integration with 3rd party software through Web services. You can make your process using the prepared applications for mobile handheld terminals. It can create storage solutions, mobile hot selling solutions or logistics solutions thanks to online or offline applications.

Otel Pazarlama

Marketing and Sales

You can define prices on the basis of agency, kind of hostel and currency.

You can create price charts on the basis of agency.

You can define actions.

You can follow up forecast of agency.

You can define quota of agency.

You can get sale statistics reports of agency and business.

You can make an analysis of monthly sales and see these in graph.

You can transfer a certain percentage of room prices to hostel.

You can set rate calculations of designated kind of currency to daily or monthly.

Otel Rezervasyon


You can define different kind of reservation such as disjunctive, group, agency, business etc.

You can follow up different kind of reservation such as option, certain, cancel, wait list, turnaway etc.

You can follow up detailed no-show.

You can make reservation anytime.

You can control over booking.

You can reserve rooms.

You can take deposit from reservations.

You can give free rates.

You can make automatic rapid reservations entry.

You can follow up last minute reservations.

You can implement quickly blockage reservation room.

You can define different departure durations for every group member.

You can get status of rooms on the basis of agency while booking.

You can get stay information belonging to any session.

You can define optional reservation.

You can edit reservation form as you please and print it out.

You can get forecast reports on the basis of forecast chart, 7 days, yearly and person.

Otel Resepsiyon


You can make automatic group check-in.

You can implement walk-in customer acceptance.

You can open only one main folio for a group or you can open extra folio for every room.

You can define constant spending on the basis of room and person in certain session.

Taken deposits automatically transferred to guest folio.

You can follow up guest cards.

You can get information of guest’s history.

You can define and follow up parametric specifications (VIP, CIP, Frequent Guest, Black List, etc.) of guest.

You can automatically print out messages given by guests with guest message system.

You can automatically print out messages given by guests with guest message system.

You can define kinds of parametric hostel.

You can change rooms.

You can define room sharing.

You can automatically add extra time for whoever don’t check-out.

You can automatically prepare a registration card.

You can make early check out.

You can make group check out.

You can get reports such as daily accommodation list, daily guest list, daily distribution report, nation report.

Otel Ön Kasa

Front Cash

You can process all expenses of guest.

LıveAGILE can do automatic register for staying guests.

You can work on front cash movements excluding room customers.

You can process revenue, change and cash proceeds from credit receipts.

You can enable to connect main cash process and accounting cash.

You can define invoice form.

You can check-out earlier.

You can define parametric department groups.

You can define detailed department.

You can get automatic agency invoice.

You enable to interlude invoicing.

You can apply guest credit control system.

You can follow up exchange operations by inserting daily exchange rates.

You can follow up detailed daily revenue.

You can keep the front cash accounts.

You can get main current.

You can get statistic and graphics of revenue on the basis of department.

You can follow up more than one invoice in the same room.

You can follow up more than one room in the same folio.

You can follow up folios on the basis of defining of department or department group.

You can transfer invoice between folios.

Otel Telefon Santral

Telephone Exchange Connection

You can make a connection telephone exchange and get an information.

You can automatically transfer phone calls to folio.

You can follow up phone calls making from departments.

Otel Rapor Üretici

Report Generator

You can get report that special to person and business as many as you want with report generator module.

You can define formula field.

You can add every information to report with logical field.

You can send all reports to screen, file, printer, fax, e-mail and Excel.

You can put a name to reports and authorize on the basis of user.

File Name File Size End Updating Date
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SentezLiveERP Presentation File 2.45 MB 11.08.2015 Tuesday İndir
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Shipment Planning 16.11.2013
Counting Transaction 16.11.2013
SentezLive Integration Setting 16.11.2013
Bank Integration Transaction 16.11.2013
Work with Expense Center 16.11.2013
CRM Customer Relationship Management 16.11.2013
SentezLive WebReport 16.11.2013
E-Ledger 16.11.2013
Shipment Planning 16.11.2013
Serial Follow up 16.11.2013
Inventory Management and Base Definitions 16.11.2013
Purchase Management 2 16.11.2013
Purchase Management 1 16.11.2013
Proforma Cost Management 16.11.2013
Consignment Transaction and Sub-contractor Follow up 16.11.2013
Inventory Cost Management 16.11.2013
Variant Inventory Management 16.11.2013
Barcode Implementation 16.11.2013
Inventory Management Reports 16.11.2013
Internal Data Transfer 16.11.2013
Installation and Settings 2 16.11.2013
Installation and Settings 16.11.2013
Shipment Planning and Warehouse Management 16.11.2013
Dot Matrix Form Design 16.11.2013
E-Invoice Implementation 16.11.2013
Replication Implementation 16.11.2013
General Account and Declaration 16.11.2013
Production Management 16.11.2013
Form Design 16.11.2013
HR Human Resources Management 16.11.2013
Finance Manangement 16.11.2013
Serial Follow up System 16.11.2013
CRM Customer Relationship Management 16.11.2013
Web Report Creating 16.11.2013
Report Management 16.11.2013
Inventory Management 16.11.2013
Variant Management 16.11.2013
Inventory, Sale and Purchase Yönetimi 16.11.2013
E-Ledger ve E-Invoice Implementation 16.11.2013
Installation and Setting 16.11.2013
Production Management 2 16.11.2013
Production Management 1 16.11.2013
Customer Relationship Management 16.11.2013
Inventory Management 4 16.11.2013
Inventory Management 3 16.11.2013
Inventory Management 2 16.11.2013

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