ERP Consulting Services

Proper solutions determine that makes an analysis your need and expectation as a result of our consultant research.
Customized your company, It consult practice for custom forms and reports, properly configuring your expectations, creation of the users role within system.
ERP solutions presents solution for every sector own need and expectation with our expert staff. By this means, the source of your benefits can be provided to your company doubling.
Route map and implementation in general terms of the ERP solution for your business are as follow:


  ERP implementation process
1 Operational Analysis
2 Generating of Operational Process Map
3 Downloading and Preparation
4 Cutover
5 Check


Operational Analysis
Needs and targeted structure designed business process according to the current situation be detected by the unit with meetings.
In this process the formation of the project will be determined in detail.

Generating of Operational Process Map
According to the entity’s business processes and project objectives detailed business analysis is done. Hardware system requirements and customization and personalization determine in system. User roles and training processes turn into document and timeline is created.
Downloading and Preparation
System is downloading communication server and terminals. Necessary arrangement and insertions made. Preparation of reports and forms and downloading system, test and control is performed.
For cutover, Users is preparation training including training planning at specified time that it is given in the user address. To determining appropriate topics to user roles then, one or group work of input make real by training consultant.
The accuracy of input and using of target level can manageable after preliminary preparation and training process. If necessary, training again is doable. Project is completed with determined that allows business processes and intended outcomes of the project.

Retail ERP Consulting Services

In recent years, one of the fastest growing sectors is retail. The way to succeed in the retail sector open to change, adapt to new ideas and functional retail applications.
In retail sector, competitive capacity and maintain one’s continuity become necessary with rapid development, variety in service, each store has own concept without traditional retail.
Away from the traditional service concept, the way to customer service below expectations is to be possible creation of retail strategy, innovation and retail management effectiveness.
Through Retail Sector ERP consulting service, marketing and sales, supply management, customer relationship management is increasing performance and perfection. In addition, you can maintain one’s continuity and carry out financial management.

With Consulting of Marketing and Sale Management, Sales preventatives provide increasing perform and perfection sales staffs ‘marketing and sales activities for implementable properly company’s strategy.
With Consulting of Customer Relationship Management do an activity related to provide quality continuity, presenting service and product, providing customer satisfaction as determining your need and expectation, variety service and managing properly customer’s request. It manage and be directed to providing measurement of conducted activities for continuity quality of product and service with changing customer’s need and expectation in the direction of new company strategy development.

With Supply Management Consulting, Creation of Supply Chain provides control and management all phases such as supply process is more productive and functional, maintaining one’s continuity, began process to request until resulting to delivery.
Supply network management provides product, quantity & price analysis and control on the basis of supplier.

With SentezPositive Sale Management System  and SentezSHOP Point of Sale Management, you can maintain one’s continuity business productivity and increase competitive capacity through our retail consulting service

Hospitality ERP Consulting Service

Hospitality Solutions was designed as follow up high technology of hospitality process decreasing cost, provide guest’s satisfaction and increase personnel’s service quality.
One of the benefits of our service to your business is providing guest satisfaction.
Our solution aim is increasing competitive power and business productivity all business process.
Ahead of Software business process, it operationalize creation of hardware substructure your business. Project and System setup is to be materialized as a result of discoveries and analysis such bar and kitchen printer, kitchen monitor, order and check, handheld computer, POS and computer in business for properly placement.
Hospitality ERP solutions provide to use most properly your sources as a result of providing backdrop of new facility & business and work restructuring existing facility & business.

SentezDELUX Hotel Management System  can provide to follow up all hospitality process until invoicing from reservation. SentezDELUX is configured accord your business’s need and expectations.
Front offices provide consultancy service as reservations, front desk, housekeeping, management point of sale transaction; follow up of request information (CRM) and day end closing.
Back offices provide consultancy service all business process as account and finance management, inventory and cost management, fixed assets, personnel and declaration.

About catering, SentezDELUX provides creation of hotel and restaurant business management control mechanism and continuity of information system with increasing service’s quality and profitability, in hotel or independent restaurant’s follow up business process.

SentezREST Restaurant Management System  put support behind consultancy all process related creating menus, waiter management, table plan arrangements, supply and purchase management, and receipt and cost system’s setting up and maintains one’s continuity system.

SentezCATERING Catering Management  prevents errors occurring in production through plan of production requirement and daily menu.
It provides decreasing cost with supply management and materials management.

SentezMobil REST ensures maximum compatibility between waiter and kitchen, the most important factor improving the quality of services are provided to present fast and accurate service.
It provides to follow up daily, weekly, monthly of financial condition. In this way, you can give the right decision at right time.
Providing of Professional material management, your business provide to carry on a business proper of HACP standards with expiration date, time tracking, and blocking applications.

Textile – Apparel ERP Solutions Consulting Services

To increase efficiency in production, decreasing costs to the lowest level, ever-growing of quality graphics, providing integration in all manufacturing process, deliver the right product, at the right time and the right price are recipe for profitable production.

Through Textile-Apparel ERP Solutions Consulting Service, Problems provide to solve systematically and accurately.
Textile – Apparel ERP Solutions for the implementation of your business; regardless of the person’s knowledge, timely, open and accessible. Then, team spirit occurs in your business.
Textile – Apparel ERP Solutions Consulting Service provide to decrease cost of using the most efficient your sources. You can make authorization and necessary describing for preparation of internal forms and external documents and providing communication and control between units.
Production Management carries out to work related business process and pass information between units as production planning, material requirements planning, material and supply management, capacity planning and cost management, account, human resources.

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