New Generation Cash Register Integration

Sentez software presents users the integration of a new generation of cash registers with Mikrosaray the company.

With Pidio the MT360 pos cash register of new generation meet the requirements the passage of a new generation of cash registers will be available on 1st of October, 2016.

Sentez Live Platform realizes integration with wireless (TSM) and two different types of cable.

Sentez pidio the MT360 users new generation cash register by performing sales transactions from financial certified plug can print. ( Under the 880 TRL for sales)

What is the new generation of cash registers ?

The new generation of cash registers, holding cash payments, known as classical recording device with the features of the POS device used for banking cards in shopping together and specifications of the device is determined by the Revenue Administration. Ownership of New Generation POS cash registers need to be a legal requirement that such members of the workplace.

Who must use a new generation of cash registers ?

In accordance with the Law “Retail selling goods or services, executing first and second class merchants” is required to use cash registers with as date on 01/01/2016.

How to buy New Generation Payment Recorder Device ?

Taxpayers will be connected to the their tax office with permission letter and they completed the purchase of the firm from the cash register POS cash register devices that procure product invoice. Sentez Live application of our customers who want to work with, you need to take the Pidio the MT360 model.

What kind of make it easy taxpayers to purchase cash registers ?

3100 Law No. 5228 amended by Law Article 7 of the taxpayer with paragraph 1, Sentez Live ensure the possibility to choose the depreciation rates of up to 100% for your purchase devices. The rate of value tax was lower other according to other commodity sales. So, the financial burden has been eased greatly of buy cash register.

How to hold the financial certified plug from Sentezlive application ?

Sentez Live users’ using live interface that can realize sales transactions you can press plug to a new generation cash registers of fiscal-approved (Under the 880 TRL for sales)


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Point of Sales Management

The solution can be configured for a number of retail segments, including apparel, gift shops, hardware stores, electronics, office supplies and much more. It’s ideal for growing retailers that need robust functionality and complete control of operations and employees, including across multiple registers or locations.

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Restaurant Management System

Restaurant, cafe and bar in business, it allows to make many transactions until follow the daily costs, the receipt of orders, the bill stage, the management of purchasing.

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SentezLİVE ERP platform has been beginning to be preferred by many institutions that by increasing with 25.500 users’ number of worldwide. Comparing to other ERP software, higher performance and lower cost advantages have been effective for preferably.

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