What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice has the same legal quality as a paper invoice, includes all the information a paper invoice must have and is an electronic document that provides the communication between the seller and customer through revenue administration.

According to the tax procedure law with the 421 sequence number, finance ministry obliges many sectors to use the electronic account book and the e-invoice application.

This application which is a requirement for companies provides establishments with many benefits and convenience. Saving which is the most important contribution provides companies with the ease of implementing invoicing and account book processes in the electronic environment and using the resources allocated for these processes for more important operations. While producing our solutions, we value greatly implementing these applications that support our primary philosophy which is using resources efficiently.

How Does It Work?

The Live e-invoice application creates the messaging infrastructure that provides the communication between the sender and the recipient.

You can prepare your invoices using SentezLive e-Invoice application by creating e-Invoices without printing them and upload to the portal that can be accessed on www.efatura.gov.tr. Companies, if they want, can also make a contract with an integrator firm that has been given special integration permission by GIB. The SentezLive e-Invoice application can work with the system of the integrator company coordinately.The special integrator opens and managessecure user accounts for the taxpayers it has made contract with and directs the taxpayers’ invoices to the recipient via the GIB system.

The users, who benefit from SentezLive e-Invoice application can send e-invoices to the other users registered on the system, receive e-invoices, download the sent or received invoices to their computers, save and submit them when they want.

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SentezLİVE ERP platform has been beginning to be preferred by many institutions that by increasing with 25.500 users’ number of worldwide. Comparing to other ERP software, higher performance and lower cost advantages have been effective for preferably.

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