For companies, fixed assets management is with live fixed assets management software turns out to be complicated and becomes a process that provides a competitive advantage.

With Live fixed assets management, you can realize successful fixed assets tracking through accurate analysis and planning.

Live fixed assets management presents to decimate of general expense, large potential about saving. Through Live Fixed Assets Management, you can calculate amortization that can track fixed assets. Every inventory stocks find a use for something unlimited of amortization method.

You can track easily adding fixed assets, designation useful life, valuation and phasing out within a flexible platform. Using different currencies make inventory stock’s valuation. You can accommodate changing tax and accounting. In addition to, you can track detail fixed report and analysis of fixed assets situation.

Sentez Live Fixed Assets Management

Fixed assets lifecycle, ensure to track uninterrupted fixed assets from purchase to sale or until scrapped. Live Fixed Assets can track location, debt, expense center that can ensure keep moving history. Therefore, illegal and lost prevent.

Sentez Lıve fixed assets ensure to track guarantee and insurance information. It ensures to make valuation transaction and accounting of daily, monthly, years amortization. It ensures to track fixed and movable assets by grouping. Every group ensure method of calculation special for own. It track all fixed assets date such as; price, delivery cost, pre-valuation and market value, accrued depreciation, and net value information. Finally, ensure to track maintenance and cost.

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