Get productivity by increasing employee’s satisfaction with Live HRM Software!

Live Human Resources Management allows the obtaining of a positive development through using of variety criteria related to labor on worker engagement, productivity, quality of business life.

Live HRM can record of all personnel information. You can prepare working plan after arrange hour of work your personnel. You can calculate insurance premiums and monthly wages that can create monthly wages slips.

Nowadays, pecuniary resource is even well, if human resources are not enough active so, companies are to be low success probability. Labor productivity and job quality are not easy to reach with low labor of achievement motivation. Live HRM provides productivity and powerful human resources so catch employee satisfaction. In this way, you can outdo with increase one’s market share your rival company.


Live HRM event module, consist of fundamental structure overall system. This module was main unit to design for the realization of operations without disruption in a regular structure.
Live HRM has lots of advantage such as; identify all communication and workflows and in institution and regulatory institution, realizing the automation of business processes between departments, declaratives, managing reminders and approval mechanism.

• Employee’s personal information and registry information
• Foreign personal operation
• Permit procedures
• Reports and legal notice
• Dismissal Management
• Daily Document Follow up


Live HRM payroll module is designing for employee gets all benefits in return, being balance formula, the timely assessment and payroll processing, easy and lawful, with using of strategic human resource decisions.

• Calculating payroll of gross from net, net from gross
• Creating automated tally with helping of formula
• Being able to quickly tally entry and create tally on excel
• Pursue personnel loans, debt and execution.
• Private insurance pursuit and reflected in the payroll
• Monthly extract and preparing list
• Social security institution operations (e-declaration and create XLM)    document.
• Regulating of retrospective payroll
• Preparing bank wages documents.
• Preparing of voucher \ account integration
• Imparting from PACS system.
• Collective bargaining difference payrolls.


In this module, you can manage the recruitment process from A to Z. It allows you to pursue all the processes on a single screen like job advertisement and until recruitment

• Determining according to the personnel demands of the required criteria
• Pursue announcements and costs.
• Processing by interview about the applications
• Choose candidates according to the required criteria
• Follow up the exam
• Send e-mail of / letter the results of the candidates.
• Recruitment process’s followed up and checks.


Live HRM has detail and flexible educational management. It provides to carry out overall process like needs analysis and education on portal.

• Costing on the basis of personnel /training
• Comparison of planned and actual training
• Calculation of the time and cost of training per person
• Education / Training / Participants on the basis of evaluation criteria
• Evaluation survey
• Personnel training demands
• Creating training plans
• Training track reports


Live HRM provides to carry out state of health such as; vaccine test, risk analysis, legal obligation and personnel accident information after personnel’s entry health information.

• Creating personnel health card
•Pursue treatment and physical examination.
• Creating record job accident.
• Preparing visits paper and health certificate
• Preparing control list
• Notice job accident
• Health examination control
• Treatment list
• Reminders on screen are opening. (vaccine, approach porter period)


Live HRM satisfy the need with flexible reporting interface, reports prepared within the system, private reports.

• Come to prepared reports format of frequently used.
• Groups record
• Regulation of reports with ranking.
• Filtrate to record
• Preparing reports of arbitrary.
• Create selected by the user of the report column.
• Direct transmission the generated reports of office applications.

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